This Genre Bending Artist is Set to Impress – Moses Sumney

This musician is not someone who is defined nor contained by music standards. He impresses the audiences with his genre-bending skills as he stuns and wows fans with his changes in music and tempo. Hailing from Saint Bernadino, California, this Los Angeles songwriter, and singer is famous for his self-recorded track known as the ‘Man on the Moon.’ He has released multiple albums including the famous ‘Mid-City Island’ and 2016 ‘Lamentations.’ His first full-length album ever was named ‘Aromanticism,’ which was released late 2017 in September. Due to his exemplary skills in both songwriting and singing, Sumney is well-known for his opening acts for many major league musicians during their concerts and venues.

The artist, Moses Sumney was born to Ghanaian parents and was never taught to play or recognize an instrument. This was due to him being born in San Bernadino, California. When he and his family moved back to Ghana at the age of 10, he had difficulty adjusting to the Ghana culture and lifestyle, and he was supposed ‘Americanized.’ He started music by practicing acapella music and scripts. Moses did not learn to play an instrument at a young age but learned to do so only at the age of 20. During which time he decided to perform and display his musical talents to the public.

Sumney’s music is considered to be purposefully incomplete and primarily composed of first takes and improvisation in music. He has performed at many famous and major venues including the Hollywood Bowl, which is a vast amphitheater that is extremely well-known for its live music. The album Aromanticism not only is Sumney’s first full length released by Jagaguwar. It received high ratings and reviews from major newspapers and magazines in the country including in the Rolling Stone magazine and The New York Times and was also named one of the best albums of 2017.

Most of this musician’s songs have a hidden meaning to them, but the album Aromanticism and its songs including ‘Doomed’ show a creative and boundary-pushing side that has never been seen. While some focus on the positive aspects, Sumney’s music also focuses on the politics and melancholic emotions that suggest that the artist Sumney is more emotionally deep than he initially seems. Listeners find that they have to continually re-listen to the song over and over to be able to understand the message that it is trying to convey and the meaning that it poses to the audience.

Not only is Sumney’s work famous, but it is also featured in many shows and movies. It is most well-known to be featured in the rocky movies spin-offs, ‘Creed’ and in the HBO TV show ‘Insecure.’ Many of the artists who Sumney opened for includes, James Blake and Sufjan Stevens and many other major artists. The result of all of Moses’s achievements with opening acts and movie soundtracks leads to the possibility of a long and successful career in Hollywood.