The California Honeydrops – Jazzing It Up from the Bay Area

For over a decade the California Honeydrops have been entertaining audiences and knew precisely what it takes to liven up the party. From their humble beginnings in California’s Bay Area, the band has caught the attention of fans all over the world and captured the world stage. Currently, they are based in Oakland, and feature shows that have New Orleans Jazz, R&B, Blues and Funk music genres. Every show they band puts together; they don’t just look at it as a performance but as a world that they want to live in. The California Honeydrops look at music as more of a therapeutic source of energy, the band gets the audience to feel what they create through music.

The California Honeydrops – Jazzing It Up from the Bay Area

The Humble Beginnings

The lead singer and founder of the band, Lech Wierzynski was not born with a golden spoon. He did not have it easy where he could walk in and get rich overnight. The humble beginnings of Lech is a story of its own. He was born in Warsaw in Poland and then immigrated to the United States when he was three years old. He went to college in Ohio and specialized in African-American Music. After he completed his stint in college, he moved to Oakland in 2004 and started working his way up as a full-time musician. Lech and Ben Malament, the drummer in the band, used to busk at the subways when they started their band in 2007. When talking about their time busking at the subways, the band does not look back with sadness. The positivity that the band radiates even go as far as ordinarily sad experiences. They look back at their hard times and focus on how beautiful the weather was and the lessons they were able to learn from performing to different kinds of audiences. The experiences have helped them understand that the shows they play today have to be catered to the audience accordingly and with the spontaneity that the busking days taught them. After a few years of playing together and barely making ends meet, the duo soon gained popularity and found their place together. Soon they had their enter ensemble of band members such as Beau Bradbury, Johnny Bones, Lorenzo Loera, and Leon Cotter.

Lech Wierzynski

What’s to Look Forward To

The band is releasing their new albums and paying tribute to their roots through their music. No, they have never given up on busking on the subways. They still go back to busking for the sheer love of the audience and the response they can receive. However, they don’t need to work on a schedule to busk anymore, they walk out into the street and start playing and watch the multitudes of people gather to appreciate good music. Several media critics wonder why a band would even busk after they have garnered the attention that they have been seeking. The band believes that the primal and raw feeling of playing right next to people who are moving around gives them a sense of energy and amps the show. The experience is something that band will never find at a live show, and they truly enjoy and learn from the experiences. The band is a unique set of people with a unique relationship with music and its audiences. The future and the surprises in music that they have to offer is a mystery that the world can’t wait to unfold.