Superorganism – Cryptic Music That is Like Pieces of a Puzzle

Based in London, a Superorganism is an indie-pop based band that was formed in early 2017. The members of the group contain no more than eight members. Four members out of the eight that made up Superorganism, banded together to create the versions. However, more recently, they were dumped from their contract and label due to some allegations against Mark Turner. This was due to their songs being too controversial and misogynistic in NZ. Not only was their music perceived to be controversial, but it was also said to have been extremely offensive as well.

Humble Beginnings to Explosive Responses

The band, Superorganism began as a casual and straightforward recording project that was based on members who were in multiple countries. They met through music forums or mutual fried over the years and grew close. The members are widely spread with some in the United Kingdom, America, and Australia. Not only did the band members originate from different countries. They also now live in a live-in condo that serves as their recording studio, where much of the mixing and singing takes place.

The band was introduced to Orono Noguchi, during a trip to Japan. Noguchi, the main student, was familiar with the band as it has been recommended to her multiple times through her youtube channel. During a performance in the nearby area, the band and Noguchi bonded, and after the discovery that she could sing the band offered to have an interview with her. The result of her talents is shown in Superorganism’s debut song “Something For Your M.I.N.D.” This track was later featured on the soundtrack of the game FIFA 18.

The Roles

The roles of the band involve many important things and the completion of critical aspects for the performances. Ruby and B are known for their background singing and dancing roles. They are also involved in enhancing the performance of the band and keeping the crowds entertained. Robert Strange is in charge of the visual arts and staging. He is crucial for conveying the message to the audience and is in charge of making the band looks perfect. Others take on roles where they complete tasks like producing the music and looking after the writing and the tone of the song that is played. Together, the band forms a union and work in sync like a well-oiled machine. With bands breaking up over the inability to perform roles they are destined to because of the publicity, this band knows where their strengths lie and keep their parts squeaky clean.

Soul – aka Earl Ho

The final member of the band is known as Soul otherwise known as Earl Ho. He is the only member of the entire group to live alone. Earl Ho currently resides in Sydney, Australia where he is working on his project known as ‘CHI.’ The member has released his material to a personal and separate account on Bandcamp. He not only does this by himself but also plays the guitar and the keyboard as well.