Snoop Dogg – A 32 Track Album That is Downright Merry

When a rapper informs that he intends to release an album with 32 tracks, it is a cause for concern. However, when the rapper is Snoop Dogg, audiences around the world begin to show interest. Snoop Dogg, the legendary rapper has moved onto being a media entrepreneur since his days of purely rapping. When he released news that he intends to release a gospel album with Christmas music, the rapper was welcomed with enthusiastic audiences looking forward to seeing what he can give them. The new album entitled ‘Bible of Love’ is his first ever release in the Gospel genre with the rapper’s label All The Time Entertainment. While he released news about his new album, the rapper went on to make several amazing accomplishments the same week across several areas in the entertainment industry. His persona has changed and matured over the years, and his understanding of the media industry has grown with him.

Being a busy artist, he decided to go against recording an entire rap album and instead choose to put together a collection of Christmas tracks that everyone will enjoy. The tracks would have intermittent verses, intros, and wisdom shared by the artist sprinkled throughout. For those who are huge fans of Snoop’s work, they would understand that this strategy is the work of an accomplished artist and entrepreneur. By releasing this album, Snoop can firmly establish that he is all about preaching about peace and love. In the album, Snoop plays more of a curator’s role than an actual singer. He gives the gospel singers who render the song freehold of the songs without adding changes or inserting his verses in between. Only in a couple of songs toward the end of the album does the rapper come in to say a few words to authenticate his involvement in the album. Some artists featured in the album are:

  • Faith Evans
  • Tye Tribbett
  • Rance Allen
  • Slade
  • Kim Burrell
  • Charlie Wilson, etc

While the Hip Hop industry grows and thrives, the rapper uses the album to showcase his connections with some of the top gospel singers in the media industry. The songs are purely the work of the singers and add to the Christmas cheer during the festive season. At times, the songs are even said to be heart-warming and spiritually uplifting. The release of this album is a changeup in the rap scene for an artist as big as Snoop Dogg. Through the album, he can communicate to masses of fans that he continues to preach his core values of love and peace. Perhaps this would help him in his mayoral intentions in the future. Whether he can have a political career or no, whether the rapper promotes his new label or no, the album is something to look forward to. Snoop Dogg continues to be an inspiration to other artists around the world on how they should bring innovation and growth as they mature in the industry without providing the same run off the block music.