Niniola – From Nigeria To International Spotify Charts

In recent years, the Nigerians have been very active with producing good music that the whole world can appreciate. Amongst a string of famous artists who have been gracing the international forums, Niniola is one of the best that the online streaming platforms love. She has set the record for the first ever female artist from Nigeria who has a million followers on Spotify alone, every month. Spotify provides their metrics based on the number of times users listen to the song to determine the artists’ popularity, and Ninola has taken the cake.

The Humble Beginnings

Last year was a stepping stone for the artist. She released her first album in collaboration with several artists and topped the Spotify charts the same month of release. The first time she was noticed was back in 2013 when she became the runner-up for a favorite talent show in Africa. At the 2015 Nigerian Entertainment Awards, her song was picked to be the most famous artist to watch out for.

Ever since she made her first big appearance, she has gathered up several awards that show international popularity. At the 2017 Headies, her album took home six nominations in the best R&B album and the best Talent out of Africa. Her music is a beautiful mixture of traditional African music and house. A genre that she built by herself – AfroHouse. Her first ever popular hit ‘Maradona’ set the stage for her. Since her first hit, Ninola has proven that her place is front and center; in the spotlight.

Having been brought up in a home filled with music, Ninola has the scope of giving audiences the music they like. She sings from the heart and is not motivated by her paycheck. As a self-taught singer without any formal training, as a little girl, Ninola trained herself using the records her parents had at home. She began singing and dancing at high school programs and winning competitions from a very young age.

What Can Audiences Expect

Hailing from Yoruba, the singer is attached to her culture and heritage. Audiences love the way she brings the Afro element into R&B music, a feat not attempted before. When record labels heard her music, they created a new genre for her to dictate the type of music that she presents the world. As a successful musician, she promises to deliver more music to the Nigerian entertainment industry to inspire other people. Her motto of staying true to herself and keeping others happy offers the scope of music from the heart and a personality that will rock the center stage.

There is more than just music that the world can expect from this musician. She has started a program called ‘Adopt a Child,’ a tribute to her late father. The program aims at providing education to all children in Africa. As a result of her efforts, what started a small venture of adopting 3 to 4 schools in her neighborhood, the program has become well-known, and multitudes of children are benefiting. The 6-year scholarship provides students everything they need for their education at a school level.