Maggie Rogers – 23 and Epic Career Ahead

Famous for her hit song ‘Alaska,’ Maggie Rogers is an outstanding individual in the music industry. The young singer is not only a musician, but she is also a songwriter and a producer. Rogers was born and raised in Easton, Maryland, with her mother supplying her with ample access to music and instruments. She started understanding the harp at the age of seven and progressed to playing the piano and guitar as well as to improving on her songwriting skills. Rogers is well-known for attending the st.andrews boarding school located in Delaware and taking a particular interest in folk and banjo music.

Maggie Rogers is a musician that focuses mainly on pop and folk-pop music. She soared to fame when she partook in a competition that required her to write a song. This spurred her into action and further developed and nurtured her songwriting skills. ‘the echo’ is the title of her first album, which was recorded in a makeshift studio of her own making. During her time while interning for a music journalist by the name Lizzy Goodman, Rogers was required to edit hundreds of hours worth of interviews with major musicians and journalists. This helped to create and form her book ‘Meet Me in the Bathroom.’

The Echo

Released on May 12th, 2012, ‘The Echo’ is Maggie’s debut album and shows fans and musicians that she was famous even before her hit song ‘Alaska’ was released to the public. The album consists of multiple tracks that resemble individuals in a sad, resonating and almost emotional way. The album plays with the heartstrings of many fans and causes more fans to take more of a broader interest in the musician herself and what she stands for.

Blood Ballet

Blood ballet is Maggie Rogers’s second album. The album released in 2014, was another folk album and was created during her sophomore year at her school. Many blogs and websites describe the album to be begging for listeners to discover and ponder on their deepest emotions. And like her first-ever album, blood ballet is a self-released an album. Although this album is not expected to be as famous as her debut, blood ballet is supposed to be remarkably similar to ‘The Echo’ only this time the collection focuses on the deeper feelings in a person.


The track, Alaska is the reason why Maggie Rogers shot to fame. During a master class with Pharrell Williams Rogers created a song. This song was named Alaska and was written in 15 minutes. The track was based upon a National Outdoor Leadership School. Everyone had high hopes about the song, and Pharrell Wiliams confirmed it as the lyrics of the song visibly moved him. Fortunately, the event was videoed and went viral. And upon releasing the video, Rogers’ albums ‘The Echo’ and ‘Blood Ballet’ found hundreds and thousands of views. Due to Pharrell’s positive reaction to Maggie Rogers’ song Alaska, the young songwriter and musician’s career is said to reach new levels.