Going West With Chinese Music – Kris Wu’s Antares

China has been bringing more than just television and movies to the rest of the world. The trade deals that they have been signing with several countries to enhance the revenue potential of the entertainment industry has been outstanding. The music industry is no different from its western world reach. The rise of Chinese pop music and Korean pop music around the world with bands such as BTS has brought the once hidden talents of the Asian entertainment industry to the rest of the world. China’s biggest star Kris Wu has been working steadily to bring Chinese music to the west as well. Apart from his music, the acting and television performances of the artist have great promise in the western hemisphere. He just signed an exclusive contract with Universal Music Group to kickstart his mission. Over the summer, his song ‘Like That’ become one of the hottest chart-toppers to grace the Billboards. Almost a month after his Billboard placing, Kris Wu has informed his fans from the west that he is partnering with Louis Vuitton and release his first album ‘Antares.’

The Boy Behind The Star

Over the years, Kris has played a vital role in the entertainment industry. From performances with bands such as EXO, he has only gained all the exposure he needs to climb not the top. His passion for Hip-Hop music started when he moved to Vancouver at the young age of 10 years. What began as an obsession with basketball, soon morphed and blossomed into a love for everything that related to the sport and that included Hip-Hop music as well.

At a time when he was wondering what he would do with his talents in singing and dancing, he was able to secure an audition with a Korean company which held auditions in different countries. Kris was an instant hit with the talent hunts, and they invited him to move to Korea and perform for the audience there. Back in the day when K-pop was an alien concept, Kris was not only able to find his place in history, but be a valuable contributor to the music in Korea. For two years, Kris worked hard and got all the recognition he needed to go solo with his performances. When he was ready, he moved back to China and decided to start his solo career.

Breaking Language Conforms with Antares

According to Kris, the album is one that would speak to the Chinese and the American audiences akin. Being a bilingual music album means that he not only gets to please both worlds but also expose the cultural rooting he has with China. If he chose, Kris would be a legend in China where he already is regarded as a superstar. However, for the passionate musician he is, he believes that he would need to stretch his boundaries and extend his talents past his comfort zone, to see a dream come to life. In a world where everybody wants to trail the other people like cattle in a field, Kris chooses to be the shepherd who would steer the ship, which is Chinese music, to the rest of the world and watch as others follow suit. As an entrepreneur of his music and a visionary who understands what young people like these days, Kris has the vision to bring music that will transform the future of music perception.