From EXO to Solo – Lay Is All About the Music

Zhang Yi Xing is a member of the Chinese boy band EXO and is currently being noticed and rising rapidly in popularity after the release of his latest album ‘NAMANANA.’ Following his fame from the boy band, the singer who branched out to work alone has been determined to make it to the top. As a singer, he has been recognized for his talent as a solo artist and has been invited to perform in America with leading DJs and artists.

Competing to The Top

Originating from China, the Mandarin-pop artist has been topping the charts with his new album release. His escalation to the top has been rapid, and he has quickly placed himself in the Billboard top 200 after going solo. The singer has always been fighting for the top spot with the K-pop band BTS even when he was part of EXO. Now that J-Hope from BTS has branched out to release a solo career, the fight to the top continues. As of now, Lay is firmly enjoying the perks of staying on top. When grouping his music, fans often mix up the genre to fall under K-Pop. However, Lay has always sung in Mandarin, and his music has been released in Korea. Therefore, the actual type his music would belong to is the M-pop sector. This leaves two kings to hold the throne at the top of the charts even if J-Hope does well.

The Story Behind the Star

Lay was always a star right from childhood. He actively participated in dramas at school and moved onto working with several artists in Korea and China. He is an only child and had an eventful audition at the South Korean Entertainment Company in 2008. He always was focused on making a career in the entertainment industry which was firmly supported by his parents. As a singer, he recognizes that his stardom is very focused in Korea. However, his biggest ambition is to be known as the singer who has captivated the Chinese public.

With the kind of exposure he has had from a young age, the singer’s vocal range is just fabulous and has contributed to his recognition with EXO. Alongside singing, the singer has always been the front man and spokesperson for the band and showed the potential of being able to hold his ground. Determined to make it past everything to stand out, his efforts to go solo was a wait but is now a success story. With singers such as BTS and EXO making a mark on the world forum, the world is now beginning to accept music in languages they can never understand too. Lay has been fortunate enough to be at the right place in the right time in history to be the forerunner in bringing Chinese music to the world. His determination to bring China and Chinese music to the world is a bold step and what better time for this to materialize than now.