Fresh Alternative Beats from Jamie Hamilton

It can sometimes seem odd looking at the charts for any entertainment medium in this day and age, it feels like art has been pulled to one side and replaced by unoriginal commercial works void of any real talent or vision. Maybe it’s a rather cynical view but films all seem to be remakes and reboots, games are all sequels and music is filled with the same generic beats and simple chord layouts from number 1 through to 100 in the charts. That being said there is still hope here on the music scene thanks to these great new artists that we’ve been covering here and their passion and fresh approach could not be more uplifting. One new up and coming artist from Manchester is certainly making a good impression, his work seems to evolve and grow with every new release. This is the work of singer songwriter Jamie Hamilton.

Hamilton is 30 years old but has been making music since he was in his mid-teens growing up in the quiet Lancashire town of Darwen. For a long time, he played gigs performing both cover songs and songs he’d written himself, it was during this time he took his first serious steps into music making when he first met the members of what would become a band known as ‘Dan the Thief’. Together they toured the country playing their own material, it was here that Hamilton really cut his teeth, learning to work with others successfully and really experimenting with his vocal work and stage presence. After a while the band split up (amicably) and it wasn’t long until Hamilton would set out to make more music for himself.

He began working with an old friend, Jonathan Lindley, on a new single titled ‘Teds Got a Sweater’, they were so pleased with the results that they decided to create more together. At the same time Lindley was launching a new record label, Sunbird Records, and through that they released their first EP titled “Roots” in 2013. They were happy with their work but eager to further experiment, in 2014 they released the album “Circles” saw Hamilton turning his style up a notch. Together they created something far more expansive, experimenting with synths, drum machines and layered audio which teamed perfectly with the melancholy overtones of the songs. This stunning album paved the way for another, “The View Before We Hit the Water” was released in 2016 and was well received, featuring prominently on ‘BBC Music Introducing’.

Since then Hamilton has released his “Past Midnight/Emily, Settling” single along with another EP titled “Us in Atlantis Pt. II” in which he further experiments with the electronic aspects of the music, creating a unique sound. Later this year we will see the release of brand-new album, “Love Songs for the End of the World” in which Hamilton sings about relationships, politics, technology and as always, the human condition. If you haven’t already you can check out his past music on iTunes, Spotify or even YouTube.