Electronic Music – Watch Out for The Rufus Du Sol Trio

Trio bands are a sensation since the 40s. With several up and coming trio bands, there are a few that stick. Few Australian musicians make their mark in the international forum of music, and Rufus Du Sol is one of them. The band is based in L.A and are slowly becoming one of the most popular international bands of the year. Their live electronic music acts are a sensation amongst fans worldwide, and they are well on their way in releasing their third album since their launch. The music they offer is about to scale heights that electronic music has not seen before.

Kick-starting from Hidden Alcoves

Rufus Du Sol has been quietly releasing albums from their little home in California on a property called ‘Rose Avenue’ for the last couple of years. With their recent album release, the band has kickstarted their adventure to greater heights and are on the road to promote it. They are set to perform at the New York Terminal and the Shrine in L.A. When the tickets for the shows became available they sold out in minutes, raising eyebrows of audiences worldwide. Their highlight comes from performing at large concerts such as –

  • Coachella
  • Bonnaroo
  • Electric Forest
  • EXIT
  • Electric Daisy Carnival
  • Splendor in the Grass, etc.

The track record of their music stems from two brilliant albums released in the past. The last album was released two years ago, which means that the new album is long over-due. Listening platforms have shown incredible statistics for their pieces. With over 400,000,000 streams, the band is both no.1 in Australia and around the world. Their music is compared to the likes of Empire of The Sun and The Presets. Rufus Du Sol is also one of the very few bands who has performed at Coachella, twice in a row.

To Infinity and Beyond Down Under

Since the year 2000, bands that made electronically and dance music have suffered miserably. The labels that took up bands and supported their music were very picky about the music made, and as soon as the promise was not seen, ties were cut. Rufus however, found innovative ways to showcase unique music. They signed up with independent labels that were willing to give their music a shot and saw huge success right away. They did not go after the big labels right at the start like many musicians. Only after they made a solid name and fan-following for themselves did they even consider signing up with a major label, who picked them up without even batting an eye-lid.

Originating from Sydney, the three pleasant smiled men, debuted with their first album from Sydney and shocked audiences. Their immersive and captivating music wowed the audiences who saw potential in their music. Soon after the album release and their growing popularity began showing promise, the band moved to Berlin to further their performances. Fans who flocked to their concerts didn’t just attend the concert and listen to their music. They sang along to every single number they played; a feature that top international bands possess. The best is yet to come, regarding music, but what the audiences have heard so far, they love.