BTS – The Rise to Fame from Korea to Superstars

On May 27th, seven young men from a little-known band called BTS had become the first K-pop act to the top the billboard 200 charts with their album release called ‘Love Yourself: Tear.’ The previous week before their Billboard position, BTS had won the award for the ‘Top Social Artist.’ They knocked superstars like Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande down in a flash and stole all their fans. When the song “Fake Love” was performed in America, American fans had no problem with learning and singing the entire song, and they seemed to know all of the lyrics both in English and Korean. There was a time when Americans were categorizing the Koreans as ‘Not Cool’ by western standards. However, BTS changed all the stigma that surrounds Korea.

For the longest time, Americans thought less of Koreans based on politics, appearances and the wars. Before BTS Korean music never even got a chance to share their music with the world as they would be judged even before their music had an opportunity to be heard. Also if the songs topped in Korea, the music was never recognized.

Their song “Fake Love” has been a hit, and their dancing always tells a story to the audience. Their unique performances and music score led to a burst of K-pop entering a new phase and the country expanding even in global affairs. K-pop genres usually surround rap, hip hop, jazz, R&B, techno, and rock. The singers have a small diamond/ chiseled face, wide/long eyes, a flat/straight nose, long legs and of course trending outfits. Korean Pop music has thus created their style and innovation, which makes them stand out amongst the rest.

The members of the band have come a long way in just six years. BTS use social media a lot to socialize and keep fans updated. They sometimes webchat with devoted fans as a surprise, and give the dedicated fan a small glimpse into their personal life, that no one else knows. The unique band has quite an exquisite ‘No Dating Allowed’ rule which the fans and press have been shocked about. The band has politely disclosed that their careers won’t allow for a relationship at the stage and that a relationship would not allow them to advance. The band seems to have the dynamics of getting to the top pat down, is no wonder they are creating waves of sensation around the world.

One of the first K-pop songs that were recognized in America is the song ‘Gangnam Style’ by PSY. The song was an instant hit in the US and people seemed to love the song because it was just generally weird. Music fans are drawn to anything that is unique whether it is strange by usual standards or not.  However, great music needed to be understood primarily by a vast English speaking audience. BTS started by focusing more on their looks and choreography. The English fans soon discovered that there was more to their outward appearances and that the music had actual substance.

BTS has a lot of acronyms attached to their name like Burn The Stage, BangTan Sonyeondan (bulletproof boy scouts), but one acronym that has stuck for BTS is “Beyond the Scenes.” BTS has released 29 music videos and 22 singles in a span of 6 years from 2013 – 2018. The first album they released was called ‘Dark and Wild.’ The collection consists of 14 songs by BTS and is in the Korean language. Irrespective of the language barrier, the songs were a favorite of the media and audience.