Avril Lavigne Is Back with Lyme Inspired Music

Avril Lavigne, a Canadian actress, and singer were recently crippled by Lyme Disease. With the release of a brand-new song Lavigne is keeping her ‘Head Above Water.’ Inspired by her struggle with Lyme disease, ‘Head Above Water’ was nominated for the Grammy’s eight times and was the first song that has been heard from the singer after five long years. Avril Ramona Lavigne, she is a 34-year-old singer who holds the title of “Pop Punk Queen.” Lavigne is a very influential musician in the pop-punk music genre. She is not only famous for her singing but also famous for her brilliant fashion lines and her natural acting skills.

During an interview with the PEOPLE magazine, Lavigne said that on one occasion she even accepted that she was about to die and that when her mom put her in bed, she felt like she was drowning. Explaining how music impacted her singing and acting career, she said that she prayed to God under her breath to help keep her head above water. It was in that moment that lyrics for the new song poured through her head. She had tapped into something very spiritual. As a measure to reach out to others who are in the same shoes as she was, she stayed true to her promise of making the song.

The song begins with the soft sound of a piano, but it soon transforms into a rock beat and rhythm with Avril singing with raw emotion “God keep my head above water/ Don’t let me drown, it gets harder/ I’ll meet you there at the altar/ As I fall to my knees/ Don’t let me drown.” Along with her song, the singer also created a self-titled Lyme disease fighting organization. The young singer has also written an open letter in which she describes how grateful she is for fans who waited patiently as she fought through her illness. She also writes about how ‘Head above Water’ was the first song that she had written from her bed, during one of the scariest moments of her lifetime. While describing the feeling of dying, her body shutting down and finding herself in a river, being pulled by a current that she couldn’t breathe; Avril talks about the horrors of the disease.

As part of her campaign to support the disease, Avril posted pictures of her recovery and the making of the songs behind the scenes onto social media websites. Some of these pictures show the hard effort that the singer put into the release of ‘Head above Water’ and her struggle towards recovery. Avril Lavigne’s fight against Lyme disease started during her trip to Las Vegas for her 30th birthday in October 2014. She confessed that she didn’t feel like partying and was feeling terrible for months beforehand. She also said that doctors couldn’t pinpoint what was wrong with her and she could barely eat anything. After months of light-headedness and lethargy, doctors officially diagnosed that Avril Lavigne had Lyme disease. Lavigne wrote saying that she had no idea that a bug bite could do this, and she considered it a wake-up call to enjoy life and everything that it has to offer. Her message to the public is clear – To do everything possible to live a life, helping others and doing what she loves best.