070 Shake – Rapping from Kanye to Solo

As a part of Kanye West’s new album,‘YE’, Balbuena is a rapper and singer from New Jersey who has left her influence in it. Built with a deep and raspy voice, 070 Shake aka Balbuena, is a less-known artist who only recently released her solo track ‘Ghost Town’ in March 2018. Famous for the raw emotion behind the lyrics “oh, once again I am a child…I put my hand on a stove, to see if I still bleed/ yeah, and nothing hurts anymore, I feel kinda free.” 070 Shake is a rapper who is of Dominican descent and a def jam/ G.O.O.D Music signee.

The Life and Rise to Fame

Growing up in New Jersey and spending time living with her grandmother in the Dominican Republic, Shake created waves in New Jersey’s hip-hop scene. Her stint in New Jersy stayed till she gained a new following with appearances alongside well-known rappers and singers like John Legend and Kid Cudi. The magazine Vogue profiled Shake in an article that featured a new generation of rising rappers. Her song titled ‘Glitter’ has been a hit amongst her LGBTQ fanbase.

Hailing from North Bergen from New Jersey, 070 Shake believes that a lot of the kids that grew up in Jersey don’t get to be what they want. In a short documentary released this year, Shake spoke about how there is so much wasted talent in New Jersey and about how she wants to bring Jersey up the same way that Jay did to Brooklyn. She also talks about how no one pays attention to what happens in Jersey. It was because of this that Balbuena began the North Bergen Collective 070, which turned heads early on in her career. The collective served as a source of her name and as a tribute to Jersey Zip-codes.

Before she became a rapper, Shake was a basketballer. Playing basketball as a recreational sport in Jersey, Balbuena’s name was earned because of her signature move known as the ‘Shake weave.’ The title led her to create a twitter account with the name @DShake. She also revealed that she began gaining interest in rapping through poetry. She found that poetry was a soft-spoken language and was to her a vehicle for emotional vulnerability.

A fact about the artist’s music development is that she used type beats as her inspiration for poems and songs. A type beat is when you get a song that has a lot of beats, like the singer Drake does, and read a paragraph in time with it. 070 Shake told SSENSE that she types Drake’s type beats and recites her poems to the beat of the song until the music started flowing. Another fact about Shake is that you have probably seen her before, Shake is not only a baller and a singer, she is also a model. She has been featured in April’s French Fashion house Mugler’s Fall 2018 collection and has also been featured in a KITH spring collection. 070 Shake was present at the New York fashion label Gypsy Sport’s FW17 show in 2017.